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Charleston Greek Festival Spring

Let's Go Greek

Admission                                     $5.00

Seniors and Students                     $3.00
Children 12 and under                     FREE

All Active Duty Military                 FREE

All Mothers FREE on Mother's Day

About Us

 Our history is typical of many Greek communities of

 immigrants  who came  ogether with a common cause to

 preserve their ethnic  customs and to form  a place of

 worship.  As the parish grew, it  became apparent that a community  center was needed  for the  cultural, social and philanthropic functions of the Greek  community.    Therefore, the property at 30 Race Street was bought  in 1940 for a community center.  To these pioneers, we are grateful  for their  dedication, faith and foresight.  Our      appreciation extends  to the present  generation who is vigilant in preserving and  improving on the work started in  the early 20th century.

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, along with the entire Greek community, welcomes you and your family to this year's 45th Annual Greek Festival. Our festival allows the greater Charleston Community to experience the Greek faith, food, culture, and heritage. 
Yiassou Y'all - Tom Melitas, Greek Festival Chairman

Please visit and tour our church.
​Tour times will be posted daily

Enjoy shopping with our vendors


​  ​​May 8th       11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  May 9th       11:00 am  - 10:00 pm
  May 10th     noon - 6:00 pm

Be sure to join us October 3-5th for our Annual Fall Greek Festival 

Dance to the music of Nick Trevelis &

Night in Athens Trio

Greek Heritage Night at the Joe!

Everyone got to "Go Greek!"

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